Alternia Adventures World 2 TAS


Alternia Adventures World 2 TAS

Well, thought it was about time I uploaded this. The recording in Gas Cave glitched out so I had to redo part of it, which kinda pissed me off a little xD

First of all, I'd like to apologize, again, for the springboard in the Ghost House. It really wasn't on purpose.

Getting the cape in Chemical Disaster wasn't really easy, I doubt its posable to do without heavy use of Slowdown :O

It was kinda sad when I realized I couldn't exploit the mushroom anywhere 🙁

Also, good use of 5/6. Happy now Adetque? 😛

TAS = Tool-Assisted Speedrun.
Time start: Exit castel at beginning
Time end: last Hit on Morton
Tools used: Savestate/Loadstate, FrameAdvance, Speed meeter, P-meeter, Turbo Button, and Fast Forward.



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