The Doom 2 (Ultra-Violence): chillax, TAS – MAP45


The Doom 2 (Ultra-Violence): chillax, TAS – MAP45

chillax 2013 pwad, UV-Max with TAS.

Demo is recorded by A7MAD in PRBoom+ v2.5.1.5 cl9
Demo is played by glboom-plus with OpenGL render with HD optimized settings.
Demo is taken from http://doomedsda.us

Grabbed by FRAPS 3.5.99
Converted by Freemake Video Converter
Background music restoration tools:
DeuTex 3.1
Nullsoft Winamp 2.95, Nullsoft Disk Writer plug-in 2.0c, Nullsoft MIDI player 3.03, Microsoft Synthesizer from DirectMusic
Windows Movie Maker 16.4.3528.0331



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