The Simpsons Road Rage (TAS) - The most intense Head to Head match ever


The Simpsons Road Rage (TAS) - The most intense Head to Head match ever

Hit & Run's physics ain't got shit on this.

This is a tool-assisted superplay, a playthrough done on an emulator while utilizing save states, frame-by-frame gameplay, and re-recording to allow a "perfect" and/or entertaining playthrough of a game in which a real-time player normally wouldn't be able to do.

Got to love being bored in singleplayer. I accidentally performed a little trick involving the terrible handbrake physics and collision detection. It made me fly really quick for a brief moment, and it saved me from running out of time in many situations. I decided to take advantage of this trick in a little TAS.

I control both players and make the game as chaotic as possible. I didn't think I'd piss myself when watching this through (thanks a lot Radical).

Also, sorry that the video isn't actually in 720p. I had to initially render it in a lower resolution because the game's HUD becomes corrupt if the screen is anything higher than native 640x528 (such as the text and destination pictures becoming REALLY small).

The Simpsons Road Rage - Head to Head (Duh)
The Simpsons Hit & Run - Never Trust a Snake
The Simpsons Wrestling - Downtown
The Simpsons Road Rage - Head to Head Victory



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