TAS 291 :Husband & Wife Launch Product with No Giveaways – No Reviews – No PPC & Selling 30 a Day


TAS 291 :Husband & Wife Launch Product with No Giveaways – No Reviews – No PPC & Selling 30 a Day

In this Episode: •Selling 30 Units a Day •No Reviews to Spur Sales •How to Select Winners
It’s almost every week that somebody says Amazon is too crowded for anyone to build a successful business selling private label products. But this episode should prove to you that those are entirely false beliefs. This episode features a couple who started out selling products via retail arbitrage but soon transitioned into wholesale products from China that turned into a successful business. It wasn’t overnight and it took a lot of hard work and smart product research but this couple has done it. You can hear every step of their process and the things they’ve done to keep the ball rolling on this episode.
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▪ [0:03] Scott’s introduction to this great interview edition of the podcast!
▪ [1:45] The importance of having support in your business journey.
▪ [6:20] The backstory behind this amazing success.
▪ [12:40] Pressing forward in spite of the discouragement.
▪ [17:31] The idea that sparked interest and the product research process that followed.
▪ [22:40] Hijacker problems and how they dealt with the threat.
▪ [26:59] The new benefits of brand registry some are experiencing.
▪ [31:53] Future product ideas the path ahead.
▪ [33:29] The product research criteria this couple is using and how they apply it.
▪ [40:24] How the product listings are being optimized.
▪ [53:50] The price point these products hit.
▪ [47:55] Moving from non-branded to branded products.
▪ [50:58] Tips to those who are skeptical about whether Amazon will work these days.

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