[TAS] Dargos' Releasio TAS Competition, Task 1: My Entry (2nd Place)


[TAS] Dargos' Releasio TAS Competition, Task 1: My Entry (2nd Place)

• Task: "Enter bob and fire with 1 cannon, collect 2 red coins then collect any star (order of collectables does not matter)"
• Run time: 10"20
• Rerecords: 632

This route was very odd - visiting the red-coin area twice at different points, rather than just collecting them at the same time. This really shows how strange routing in this hack can be, as distance isn't always a significant factor - often, it's more important for the distance from A to B to sync up as a multiple of 4,000, than it is for it to be short. This makes routing for complex stars REALLY hard.

Anyway, I was lucky in this case, as the red coin area synced up very well with both the star and the cannon, allowing me to quickly navigate to both. It's a shame it takes so long to use the cannon, but I couldn't seem to find a better route.

This run was put together pretty quickly, so it's probably not optimal.



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