[TAS] DKC2(GBA) - 102% Tool-assisted Speedrun


[TAS] DKC2(GBA) - 102% Tool-assisted Speedrun

This is a tool-assisted speedrun.
Please visit http://www.tasvideos.org for more information.

Enjoy watching! In case you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment!

After quite some time I finally got this TAS done.
There were a lot of elements that made this a kinda tedious project to work on, especially the Swanky and Funky mini-games.

After my any% TAS I have been able to fix some of the smaller mistakes I noticed. However, while watching this I noticed some new things that I could've done better. Nothing too serious, but still improvements.

Some highlights of this TAS are defintely:
Parrot Chute Panic, Web Woods, Toxic Tower, Animal Antics, Black Ice Battle. Of course the rest is worth watching nonetheless.

As for the mini-games, the most fun ones to work on were the Expresso-races at Cranky's, even though I had to distribute more feathers into the skill set than I actually planned to. It's not a big deal tho, only a matter of like 10 frames that I needed for it, and it helped a lot in the later races. I thought Strength could be skipped, but I got pushed away from helpful power-ups or acceleration pads too badly which would've costed me way more time than skilling Strength did.
The games at Funky's were annoying, not gonna lie. Especially the physics of the gyrocopter made it very difficult to move in precise ways.

To achieve 102% completion, you need to:
- beat every stage (and therefore obtain all Krem-Coins)
- collect all 68 DK-Coins
- collect all 40 Golden Feathers
- collect all 52 Cameras

RTA timing: 02:08:28.53
TAS timing: 02:09:15.06

-- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/avanor_



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