✈Fighting Force 2✈ Psx Speedrun ➧➧➧ Missione 1 (No TAS) 22:18 by Dio del Metal


✈Fighting Force 2✈ Psx Speedrun ➧➧➧ Missione 1 (No TAS) 22:18 by Dio del Metal

✈Fighting Force 2 è stato uno dei primi giochi che feci su Playstation ai tempi d'oro e ora è arrivato il momento di rendere omaggio a questo gioco brutale, con le mie Speedrun (No TAS), nella difficoltà massima di tutte le sue missioni!

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✈Missione 1 SPEEDRUN 22:45 by Dio del Metal ✈

✈Non è stato usato alcun genere di codice o trucco per avvantaggiare lo speedrun, infatti il gameplay è totalmente naturale.

LOCATION: Bearing Steel. Philadelphia, USA
TARGET: Tungsten CX, Prototype Metal Sample
MISSION DETAIL: Surveillance has pin pointed the office where the metal sample is being stored.Locate the security safe and remove the Tungsten CX sample. This must be destroyed.
The only way to destroy Tungsten CX is at 1000 degrees F in the main blast furnace.Eliminate all resistance. Si-Cops will update you with further information on a need to know basis.


NARRATED BY HAWK MANSON (Protagonista): "It's the future and the world is
controlled by the trans-global corporations of the late 20th century.
These days, it seems everything has its price...even the law.This is
the world of the Si-Cops covert operation teams that operate outside of the system...against the system, because sometimes, actions speak louder than words.Si-Cops has targeted the Knackmiche Corporation.These boys just over the line.Their crime, illegal bio-weapon programming, genetic weaponry based on human DNA. We've got enough on Knackmiche to
justify a raid. That's were I come in, Si-Cops Agent Manson, Hawk
Manson. Like other agents, I'm packing the usual body enhancements, and enough firepower to take out a city, anything to give me an edge.It's an invisible war we are fighting and if you get caught, no one will ever know. But I aint got no problem with that. The Si-Cops directive is my kind of ride."



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