Minecraft TAS : Legendary Super Hostile (38:18) [No Portal]


Minecraft TAS : Legendary Super Hostile (38:18) [No Portal]

This was fun!
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*Please Note: The following run does not take the faster portal route.* This is intentional. Taking the portal route in 1.2.5 would involve mining a ton of obsidian using a regular diamond pick! (Enchanting in this version is different with level 50 being the max.) Additionally, it would not be ideal for this video as I made this TAS for the sole purpose of entertainment. However in the future I might attempt another TAS in 1.7.10 that uses the portal route.

(Run statistics)
- Version: 1.2.5
- Difficulty: Hard
- Segments: 350
- Average number of attempts per segment: 3-6
- Most number of attempts in a segment: 50+ (Not sure about the exact number, however some segments took hours of practicing and planning!)
- Deaths: 30+ (Mostly due to fall damage)
- Project timeline length: About 2 months!
- Estimated total time spent: 25-30 hours
- File size for the project folder: 40.4 GB
- File size for deleted failed clips: 50+ GB
- Estimated total number of segments: 1500+
- Major Mistake (1): 2:45, I should have killed the zombie at 2:18 for Flesh.
- Minor Mistakes (2-5): 0:31, 5:46, 6:03, 6:29 All minor sprinting/block breaking errors.
- Minor Mistake (3): 22:51 It would have been faster to leave the iron and collect it after breaking the further iron ore piece.
- Major Mistake (4): 24:36 Did you catch this? 🙂
- 0:36 Is one of the few times I look up while pillaring. This is my first attempt at a TAS thus I didn't know at the time that the fast camera movement would be painful to the eyes!
- Minor Mistakes (5-6): 4:07, 4:10 I should have grabbed more boats!
- Minor Mistake (7): 10:48 Misplaced block!
- Major Mistake (8): 2:32 It is more efficient to throw the ender pearl as soon as I exit the building.
- Almost every arrow that was shot by a skeleton missed. The ones that hit me only boosted my speed.
- Editing Mistake: 7:40! Not sure how this happened 🙁
- Nearly everything done in this video was difficult to perform. The sped up video makes it took easier than it truly is.
- Lastly, I would like to note that there are a TON of hidden details/tricks within this run. Good luck attempting to spot them!

0:00 - Crypt of the Necrodancer Metalmancy
By: Danny Baranowsky

2:36 - The Binding of Isaac Guitar Medley
By: FamilyJules7X

10:03 - Shantae and the Pirate's Curse - A troublesome Trek
By: Kaufman

13:27 - The Elder Scrolls (Morrowind-Oblivion-Skyrim) Guitar Medley
By: Family Jules7X

20:40 - Crypt of the Necrodancer - Igneous Rock
By: Danny Daranowsky

23:25 - Phantom Ensemble (Ghostly Band - Phantom Esemble)
By: UI-70

28:01 - Shantae and the Pirate's Curse - We Love Burning Town
By: Jake Kaufman

31:41 - Minecraft Volume Alpha - Droopy Likes Ricochet
By: C418

33:15 - The Binding of Isaac - Satan's Theme
By: Danny Baranowsky

36:21 - Crypt of the Necrodancer - Konga Conga Kappa
By: Danny Baranowsky



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