The House of the Dead 4 - 501,560 - 1CC/ALL


The House of the Dead 4 - 501,560 - 1CC/ALL

Here is a high scoring, 1 credit clear run of House of the Dead 4, SEGA's 2005 arcade light gun game, on the PS3 Playstation Move version.

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With House of the Dead 4, the game is very difficult, because of the way the enemies attack you.
Scoring in this game can be very difficult too, the best way is to leave enemies to get as close as possible, hope they grab onto you, and if not, then to shoot them as late as possible, getting as many extra hits as you can.
Because of this, I do lose a lot of lives, but that is just part of the strategy. I can play through a lot of the game without getting many hits, but the score would be a lot less, and it would be less interesting to watch.
Apologies for some poor play in areas, I sneezed a few times in the run, but at least I got over 500k points on a 1cc, which was my target.


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