SM64 TAS ~ Defunct "Random Route" Run (2011/2012)


SM64 TAS ~ Defunct "Random Route" Run (2011/2012)

Sup? Vintage freeruns make me happy af to watch! This oooolllllddddd clip is from a 2-star random route TAS that was never finished. I was planning/making it with Nahoc and then the 120-star TAS took priority and this was basically forgotten about...UNTIL NOW! I still like some of the material in here as a throwback to simpler times before ABC and god-like optimization, so I figured I'd upload. I also showed it to SilentSlayers recently and he pointed out something I hadn't realized:

SilentSlayers: Holy shit that glitchy wall kick on the seesaw
Silentslayers: This proves you only need one wall to glitchy wall kick, the fuck.

So that's kinda cool. 🙂

Thanks to Nahoc for doing the beginning of BitDW up to the blue ramp, pre-elevator.

More stuff coming soon, so STAY LOCKED.

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