[TAS] Lights, Camera, Pants! - Bronze Story Mode (#3 - Police Officer)


[TAS] Lights, Camera, Pants! - Bronze Story Mode (#3 - Police Officer)

Hey, now here's a game that's been long forgotten!

Yeah, I went through my old files in my discarded hard drives and found the .dtm file for this game, and decided to begin TASing this once more. I legitimately had lots of fun making these a while ago, so I don't know how this ended up being discarded, but I hope you guys enjoy!

Also this is the first TAS video I've uploaded that's 1440p! I'm slowly easing up on 4K content, but I desperately need to upgrade my rig for me to do that regularly, as I want a smooth process TASing, editing, and rendering 4K stuff. I think 1440p is a good first step...

Let me know if you want more, and if the 1440p quality made a difference for you guys!

Until next time, later!

PS: I can't believe how many times the internet went down at home while uploading yesterday night and today while I was at work. Trust me, if I could switch over to another provider that wasn't as draconian, I would, but this is all we're stuck with, so I will say this with absolute seriousness: Comcast can suck my entire ass.

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/dannyrom288

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/dr288

Twitter: https://twitter.com/dannyrom288

Discord: dannyrom288#4726

Songs Used:

Focus - Super Hexagon (SiIvaGunner Rip)

Deja Vu - Super Eurobeat

Played with Dolphin Ishiiruka (Build 689-8a8f479)



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