Mobius Evolution TAS in 28:43


Mobius Evolution TAS in 28:43

This is a tool-assisted speedrun. For more informations and updates, visit: http://tasvideos.org/

Encoded by SUA MÃE. Yes!

This is my first experimental Sonic TAS, made with Bizhawk v2.2. In this moment I only know the basic of tool-assisted speedruns, and so theres a lot of things that can be improved and a lot of bugs and glitchs that can be explored... but I still don't know the advanced techniques and this was the result.

This is certainly one of the BEST Sonic hacks ever created, really cool. All the zones have been modified and very well elaborated, with new resources, enemies and very creatives bosses.

Later, I will uptade some soundtracks of this game here, (Mobius Evolution Remastered), and some soundtracks of Sonic 3 and Knuckles Pro Survivor too.

[Descriptions by Sonic Retro]

Mobius Evolution is a heavy modification of Sonic the Hedgehog for the Sega Mega Drive created by Abyssal Leopard with the help of fellow members. The aim of this hack was initially to be a simple level layout hack, but it eventually acquired new features, such as innovative gimmicks, boss battles and other things the player might discover in gameplay.

It was a hot summer. Sonic was in Mobius enjoying his vacations after a long time of peace, and so was Blaze. Everything seemed to go flawlessly, until… They began to watch how everything was being destroyed. Of course, Sonic and Blaze found who would do this obvious, Dr. Eggman, the fat scientist who Sonic beat a million times, and who Blaze also knows very well. Once again, the dictator used plenty of innocent creatures to create his robots to impede any kind of opposition in his plans to conquer the whole world. Now it’s up to you to save those poor animals!

The player will have a choice of playing between two characters – our beloved blue hedgehog, Sonic, or the serious and determined Blaze the Cat.

- New level layouts which stand out for their length.
- A brand new soundtrack based on ports from different video game music.
- Simple level art modifications.
- Something you can achieve by getting 50 rings and double-jumping, having achieved all six emeralds in the whole game.
- Reasonably advanced technical modifications
- Lots of things that won’t be mentioned for the player to discover by himself/herself. If we spoiled the whole thing, the fun would be ruined!

- Golden Nature: Explore the beauty of the environment and enjoy the high speed and the enormous loop-de-loops.
- Uncharted Tide: An unexplored aquatic temple where the player will have to be extra careful with the amazing amount of traps the dictator has planned and set up to get you.
- Creepy Crypt: A dead land in the depths of darkness – you will most likely dread those ghosts!
- Neon Star: A vivid and colorful city where you get nothing but lots of fun. Oh, and stars, of course.
- Mad Parkland: This playful place is NUTS! Get crazy bouncing on bumpers and using pinball flippers.
- Egg Hell: The name of the zone is self-explanatory. Infilter yourself into Dr. Robotnik’s inferno, where you will either be shocked to death or burn your arse.
- Final Zone: Do I even have to explain this one?

Music: DynamiteSlash / Eduardo Knuckles / Mr. Moonshining, Cinossu (Final Boss theme)
Beta testing (Level layouts): Natsumi / Green Snake, Ralakimus, NeoFusionBox, AsuharaMoon, Dan
Beta testing (Real hardware): Ralakimus, JoenickROS
Artistic assistance: AsuharaMoon, GalliumGrant (for Uncharted Tide 3’s boss graphics)
Programming assistance: HCKTROX, HPZMan
Special Stage layout testing: Professor Neo
Special Thanks: Bareirito, NewSonic, KingofHarts, The Ducks, and so many others

Link to download the ROM (you need a emulator, for example Fusion 3.64)




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