SSB64 ~ Mario [BtT] ~ 7"61 (TAS)


SSB64 ~ Mario [BtT] ~ 7"61 (TAS)

Super Smash Bros N64 ~ Tool-Assisted Speedrun
BtT = Break the Targets

This is a tie TAS record, i am really glad that the 7"95 curse is over.
I saved one frame on the slip off the ledge after breaking the third target, but i lost it on the Up+B move for the 7th target. I don't know why, but KM saved there a frame on the landing and i really tried for hours to compare it. But without sucess, maybe i lost the frame because, i had to fall one frame more after jumping from the moving plattform i really don't know. 🙁 Not sure if 7"60 is possible, it might be.

Credits for the strat goes to KM. It isn't found by myself

Super Smash Bros N64
Player: Haru
Version: American
Rerecords: 4k

TAS Tie Record: KM (7"61)
Normal WR: Pokefantom, KM (8"05)



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