[TAS] SM64 Sapphire Any% (1"19'783)


[TAS] SM64 Sapphire Any% (1"19'783)

Decided to give TASing a go for the first time in a while. It's still just as annoying as I remember.

There are a few things I know can be improved. A frame here, a frame there, adjust an angle here... Some things seem more obvious now, that I am finished, but I reaaaallly don't want to redo it all... Also, ezpz improvement if you get bowser dance RNG. I couldn't get it. After about 2 hours, I gave up.

One obvious improvement is a better bowser fight. I honestly don't know how to TAS it, so I pretty much did what I thought was best, even though I think it looks really bad. The biggest thing is bowsers final landing position. Being more centre means closer to the star. But again, I don't know how to manipulate that, so I got what I got :/

It is nice to get back into this, regardless it not being optimal. But hey, I will settle for sub optimal for now 😛

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