KOF 2002 Magic Plus II - Team Play【TAS】


KOF 2002 Magic Plus II - Team Play【TAS】

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Plataform: Arcade
Game: The King Of Fighters 2002 Magic Plus II
Team: Ramon, Benimaru & Chang
Player: Dark Noob
Level: 8

KOF 2002 Magic Plus II bring a lot of fully combos, glitches due to your infinity gauges, no HSDM restriction reaching the best result that a TASvideo could offer, that time with some underated characters like Ramon the most broken character ever, Benimaru and your insane Raijin Kyuu infinites and the high damage character Chang which can link some combos while cpu getting falling on the ground, hope you enjoy this nostalgic arcade hack.

Also, couldn't forget to thanks and give credits for ALX channel, his amazing death combo playlist help me and still will help everyone who want to get kof2k2 for future videos.
His channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/aluoaniki

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