[MKWii TAS] - Maple Treeway Lap 1 (No Glitch) - 42:318


[MKWii TAS] - Maple Treeway Lap 1 (No Glitch) - 42:318

This is a tool-assisted speedrun (TAS). This time will not count on any real rankings.

TAS BKS Cut [-0:00.242]
Previous BKS by Me - 42:560

My guy Derek fixed up the drift after the u-turn skip and helped me come up with some strat alterations. 2:06 is definatly possible and i'm sure we'll have it done in the next few months or so.
SMG 2 Any % TAS coming sometime in 2019/2020.

Done on Dolphin-3.0-896 (x64)
Performed with Savestates, Frame Advance, TAS Input and TAS Code.



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