Princess Peach in Super Mario 64 "0 stars" TAS | Super Peach 64 beaten in 5 minutes


Princess Peach in Super Mario 64 "0 stars" TAS | Super Peach 64 beaten in 5 minutes

Princess Peach in Super Mario 64 is a hack of Nintendo 64 most famous game where you this time save Peach as Peach instead of Mario, all with custom sounds!

So in this TAS, You play as Princess Peach and completes the full Super Mario 64 game in 5 minutes!

Super Mario 64 in 5 minutes
Peach in Super Mario 64 beaten with 0 stars in 5 minutes

TAS information: http://tasvideos.org/3476S.html

Game "Information"
Super Mario 64, the classic platformer from 1996, stars that Italian red plumber dude, named Mario. So he gets an invitation to have a cake that Princess Peach has baked for him. So, like any fat Italian man would, he jumps in a green tube and heads to the castle - and so the journey begins. Once Mario arrives, he realizes that there is no cake and there will be no cake. The princess wants him to lose some weight, and she has hired Bowser to be a fitness trainer for Mario. The plan is to motivate him with cake and make him to run around the castle for "power stars," but Mario, just as any fat Italian would, skips all of that, loses no weight and demands cake.

Princess Peach says something at the very end of this video, as a easter egg, can you find it?

Edit for Reddit people who dislike, This is only a model hack if you can't tell, I wrote it in the title and I wrote it in the description.



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