Hot Wheels Velocity X: Any% VERY HARD Adventure Mode (TAS)


Hot Wheels Velocity X: Any% VERY HARD Adventure Mode (TAS)

Dude, I just found out that for the past year I've had the description tell the story of how Otto scared me out of playing this game when I was four, when I meant Rupert. Rupert was the red eyed fucker that turned me off of this game...how the hell did I never notice I left the wrong character in the description, for an entire year? LIFE IS ONE BIG LIE.

PLEASE NOTE: This is running on Dolphin Emulator and was a LEGAL BACKUP. Dumping your own games for your own personal use and backup is legal. Downloading roms is ILLEGAL and so is uploading your own for others to download, even if you own the game. Also note that I DO NOT own the rights to Hot Wheels, Hot Wheels: Velocity X, or any other related content. Mattel owns the Hot Wheels Brand, and THQ is the author of the software.



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