(TAS) MKWii - SNES Mario Circuit 3 - 1:17.475


(TAS) MKWii - SNES Mario Circuit 3 - 1:17.475

TAS Discord https://discord.gg/EJx7pvh
This is a (TAS) Tool Assisted Speedrun and will not be sent to any real rankings.
Visit http://tasvideos.org for more information
This run was completed using Dolphin 4.0-5396, TAS-Input, Frame Advance and TAS Code.

I originally completed this a month ago but I wanted a higher quality encode so I waited for TASPlasma to record it for me. (It was worth the wait!)
I'd say over 12 hours went into this.
GC Input Viewer made possible by MKDasher!

I would like to thank MKDasher for his previous run, I probably wouldn't have made this if he never made that iconic run back in July 2012!



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