SM64 - How Real Men Beat Koopa the Quick (TAS)


SM64 - How Real Men Beat Koopa the Quick (TAS)

I felt so bad for him, I didn't even take his star. Teh pole dancing is 1337 k.

Point was to show that you can get all 8 red coins and still beat Koopa the Quick WITHOUT any BLJ's. Sexy IMO. Tried to keep it entertaining.

Encoded by Nahoc:


Huge thanks to him. I asked him if he would encode this for me last night. Within an hour and a half he was done. Thanks again, man!

One special shout out to, Kymario514 (Kyman), for raping this game with only 1 STAR non - TAS! Congrats =D

His Video:

His Channel:

Lastly, if you have any "challenges" similar to this, that you would like to TASed (or Non TASed if I feel like it), please feel free to tell me, because I am running out of ideas... ._.

- Cheddar Cheese



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