[TAS] Sonic CD Plus Plus - Runthrough [All Time Stones] (Music Edit)


[TAS] Sonic CD Plus Plus - Runthrough [All Time Stones] (Music Edit)

Title Screen - "Sonic 4 CD ~ Title Screen" by Tweaker
Palmtree Panic Present - "Angel Island Zone - Sonic Mania"
Palmtree Panic Good Future - "South Island Electronic Remix" by RaoulWB / Rilliam
Eggman Boss - "Egg Mobile from Sonic Adventure"
Collision Chaos Present - "The Dreamy Stage from Sonic Adventure"
Collision Chaos Good Future - "Collision Chaos GF Remix by Amprsand"
Tidal Tempest Present - "Sonic CD Remix - Present - Titillating Tempest [Tidal Tempest US] by OC Remix"
Tidal Tempest Good Future - "Sonic CD - Tidal Tempest Zone (GF) (25th Anniversary Remix) by DJ FACT.50 of Vernian Process"
Quartz Quadrant Present - "Quartz Quadrant [Remix]" by Sokkasm
Quartz Quadrant Good Future - "Sonic CD - Quartz Quadrant Good Future (Dissonator Mix)" by Dissonator
Wacky Workbench Present - "Sonic CD Remix - Present - WORK IT! [Wacky Workbench US]"
Wacky Workbench Good Future - "Sonic Adventure: "Pleasure Castle" (Twinkle Park)"
Stardust Speedway Present - "Stardust Speedway (Crush 40 vs Cash Cash)"
Stardust Speedway Good Future - "Starlight Zone (Dance Remix)" by MaxieDaManV2
Metallic Madness Present - "Sonic CD "The Madness" OC ReMix" by EAR
Metallic Madness Good Future - "At Dawn from SA1"
Final Boss - "Militant Missionary"
Special Stage - "Be Cool, Be Wild and Be Groovy"

I put the ones I wanted.



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