MMPB TAS - Bass, Mega Man 7


MMPB TAS - Bass, Mega Man 7

Just an old TOOL-ASSISTED speedrun of mine of Mega Man: The Power Battle using Forte, the Mega Man 7 path, and 4/4 Difficulty and the lowest time setting. (Thought you can't see that part.)
I grab Shademan's weapon first because it's big, it's mean, and it hits like a freightliner once its charged. I can use it in all stages except Cloudman's stage due to there being no walls there and I do. My only major screw-up is not luck-manipulating Junkman to never use Junk Shield... And I think I may have missed a shot or two. Otherwise, it should be a short but entertaining movie!

Shademan - 9"37
Slashman - 9"08
Freezeman - 9"43
Turboman - 5"40
Junkman - 12"11 (Stupid Junk Shield...)
Cloudman - 6"75
Van Pukkin - 6"88
Wily Machine - 8"46
Wily UFO - 1"46 (Around there.)

TOTAL TIME: 01'23"27
TOTAL SCORE: 510,000



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