TAs are humans too | Teaching Assistant Problems | AngieInTheValley


TAs are humans too | Teaching Assistant Problems | AngieInTheValley

What happens when teacher’s pets grow up
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✍ More on TA job duties http://college.usatoday.com/2015/06/3...
✍ CSE498, the Capstone Experience, the class I TA for http://www.capstone.cse.msu.edu/2016-...
✍ Previous video, about why you shouldn’t go to an Ivy League

A lot of schools don’t advertise undergrad TA positions so make sure to be proactive about asking professors you may want to TA for! I found out about undergrad TA positions from a professor whose class I had taken. He who emailed me to ask if I was interested, but otherwise I would have never known.

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