Hyper Street Fighter II - Blanka WW【TAS】


Hyper Street Fighter II - Blanka WW【TAS】

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Plataform: Arcade
Game: Hyper Street Fighter II - Anniversary Collection
Level: 8 (Expert)
Player: Dark Noob

Read this notations to understand the "WW" TAG on top from the video.
WW = World Warrior [Normal] ( Street Fighter II World Warrior )
CE= Champion Edition [Dash]
HF= Hyper Fighting [Turbo]
Turbo = Turbo version [Super]
SuperT = Super Turbo [SuperX] ( HSFII, SF2AE and SSF2T)

A quick TAS superplay using Blanka now, I know many people will ask "why Blanka and why Blanka's WW?
I just wanted to bring out this character for TASing he sounds interesting, about the version choice I really like to TASing the characters from WW, CE and Turbo from the old series present in this game. Blanka was better in CE and Turbo in some speed and combo terms thinking so in WW your damage are better to make more fast rounds, I setted the game to has only one round per fight, most because his combo absence but I think it still enjoyable.

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