KOF 2002 Magic Plus II - 2nd Team Play 【TAS】


KOF 2002 Magic Plus II - 2nd Team Play 【TAS】

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Plataform: Arcade
Game: The King of Fighters 2002 Magic Plus II
Team: Kyo, Iori & Chin
Player: Dark Noob
Level: 8

Magic Plus 2nd playthrough, Kyo, Iori & Chin beating all his enemies every round.
This is the second time playing Magic Plus II, expansive universe open so many options to combo, glitch due to infinity bar give. Also, like everyone knows HSDMs can be did easily without any problems with life.
More Magic Plus II will come soon, I will try to show the best combos were just using five bars (gauge) can be possible, no, I didn't forget about original KOF2k2, I'm already planning to bring again, don't worry. 2001, 96 (Both original and AE), 99 (Both original and AE), 2000 playthroughs are coming too.

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