TAS'd Shiny Celebi From Pokemon Crystal Virtual Console Including Banking


TAS'd Shiny Celebi From Pokemon Crystal Virtual Console Including Banking

Whew. This took me a while to pull off, let me tell you. I had to beat Crystal before the game came out on Virtual Console, and then figure out how the Celebi works.

For the record, you have to beat the Elite Four while in Virtual Console. Even if you have an old save file from emulator or retail, you can just inject and then beat the E4 yet again. That will trigger the Celebi. Once you do that, you have to enter the Goldenrod Pokemon Center and take exactly one step to the right.

This step to the right is necessary because the GS Ball trigger is based on the Japanese PCC layout, which always has you enter it from the right floor mat. As a result, international versions have to step to the right. You care then given the GS Ball, which is to be shown to Kurt as the rest of the events play out.

I used my TASbot, TogamiBot, to perform a tool assisted superplay brute force to obtain the shiny Celebi. I used the emulator Bizhawk to make a smooth movie file, in the same way that TASVideos does for their various submissions.

Of course, I wanted to add a little humor here, so I had the Celebi face Lusamine to demonstrate it in actual battle. I also ROM hacked Lusamine's text a bit to add some humor to all this. Hah!

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