[TAS] bkz_goldbhop in 1:07,8 (CS)


[TAS] bkz_goldbhop in 1:07,8 (CS)

Another TAS (tool-assisted speedrun, basically scripted run the goal of which is to achieve the best possible time if human reflexes are not taken into account) of bkz_goldbhop, this time in Counter-Strike 1.6!

I wanted to start the timer travelling at 250 ups, that's why I press the button so early, to start accelerating as soon as possible.

This is the _watchable_ version of the TAS, where all settings were set to legal (by Xtreme-Jumps' rules), EXCEPT cl_sidespeed, which was modified. This was done ONLY for making the TAS watchable and is NOT required to achieve the exact same time: it is possible using W-only, A-only, S-only or D-only strafing and I have actually made a version of this TAS as a proof which is absolutely the same, but uses W-only strafing and does NOT change cl_sidespeed from its default value (and therefore is completely compliant to XJ's rules): the video can be found at http://youtu.be/TXdocQtDw1A and the demo is bundled with the watchable one.

Demos: https://mega.nz/#!VAhhhSBA!-s7e0cndEr...
Script: http://pastebin.com/ZQ9Y69wN
Video of executing: https://youtu.be/Tv58Wp2xrg4
Video at .25x speed with additional HUDs: https://youtu.be/9ccVNXmWRxk
Downloadable quality (avg. bitrate - 30.9Mbps) - recorded from live execution (no demo artifacts!) with BXT HUDs: https://mega.co.nz/#!NIgC3CzR!TVc5stG...

Done on Windows on the latest Steam Counter-Strike 1.6 using a special version of Bunnymod XT from the cs branch of its github repository which is experimental and most likely won't be released (but you can compile one yourself!). Bunnymod XT is an injection tool that is used for TASing things, it has functionality such as perfect strafing (calculating the player angles and inputs), automatic jumping and ducktapping and alike. Everything is done on the client side by invoking console commands (such as +forward, +left, etc.), which you can actually see in the demo yourself by using some demo exploring utility.

I had to modify things a little bit to make this TAS: I patched host_framerate to work on listen servers (host_framerate is used to achieve constant framerate) and I patched the angle modifying functions on the client to remove the cl_yawspeed and cl_pitchspeed caps (as this is how BXT rotates the player around).

I dunno why the silencer disappears from the pistol, I blame CS. When recording the demo there was no silencer at all.

Big thanks to Blasdfa - https://www.youtube.com/user/MrIhatehax - for answering my questions about CS and KZ and providing feedback!



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