[TAS] Backwards F-Zero X Custom Track: Smooth Clouds 8 - Peril


[TAS] Backwards F-Zero X Custom Track: Smooth Clouds 8 - Peril

It's worth reiterating that boosts have no effect on the ship's speed while traveling over 2000km/h and that boosts can cancel out the effects of the dirt/dart zone even at speeds above 2000km/h.

At 1:02, I "bounce" off the road high enough to clear the rail despite there being no jumps or bumps in the road for me to use to lift off the road. I've performed this particular technique a few times in some of my TASes (e.g. PT1 of X Climax) but I've yet to acknowledge the trick or explain how it works so here's my long overdue attempt at explaining it. I'm going to talk as if I were facing forwards to (try to) avoid confusion:
Just before landing a DTD, I pull up so that the front-end of the ship doesn't fully touch the ground. I can then use the still-airborne part of the ship as leverage to pull the rest of the ship back off the ground and get fully airborne once again. If the ship has a moderate-strong roll / is in a Low Dive Form, then I (also) steer in the opposite direction of the roll (e.g. if I'm rolling heavy to the right for a DTD-Z, I steer sharp left just before landing).
This can easily go wrong because the part of the ship that's grounded can potentially drag along the ground while attempting to get airborne again which will kill a massive amount of speed and/or the takeoff angle can be very poor which will also kill a massive amount of speed.
This trick is mostly TAS-only, especially when performed to the extent done in these TASes, but it *can* be used in real-time on Devil's Forest 4 (EK) to skip over a small portion of the last hairpin by holding down+left just before landing a DTD-Z (LDF recommended). JKT did this in his DF4 TAS but did much more with it than what is theoretically possible in real-time by gaining enough height to add in a DTD:

Played at 15% speed / frame by frame with a controller and savestates were used.

Re-records: 3,009

Track design by Philippe Brodier from PXB 3.



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