(TAS) - Coconut Mall (No-Glitch) - 1:50.608


(TAS) - Coconut Mall (No-Glitch) - 1:50.608

This is a tool-assisted speedrun (TAS). This time will not count on any real rankings.

TAS BKT Cut [-1.720]

Previous BKT by Zak - 1:52.328

TAS Records: (https://goo.gl/E5wPcK)
TAS Discord (https://discord.gg/fzqUcP)

My upcoming TASes:
-rDS 3lap for 1:58

Lap 3 is slower because of car cycles.
Other than that there is too much to say about this run. Almost every strat is new, or changed slightly. I'm thinking about making a full commentary video to explain everything. I will be answering questions in the comments though! Hope you guys enjoy this was a long time in the making, I've been learning coconut mall for the past 5 months. Special shoutout to Thomas who helped me optimize the first banister and Blaze for the wall clip strat. Also Reo for the original idea of double banister trick.

♪ Lap 1,2 : Sonic Mania - Studiopolis Act 1 ♫

♪ Lap 3 : Sonic Mania - Studiopolis Act 2 ♫

Watch me live:

Watch me say dumb shit:

Done on Dolphin-3.5-x86
Performed with savestates, frame advance, TAS input, speedometer, and TAS code

-Thanks for Watching-



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