The Last Blade - Kaede【TAS】


The Last Blade - Kaede【TAS】

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Plataform: Arcade (Neo-Geo)
Game: The Last Blade
Player: Dark Noob
Level: 8

Request by Lady Skywalker: https://www.youtube.com/user/CastroKa

First impression about this game: Maybe first and obvious impression is that this game remember me a lot Samurai Shodown, after played it for a time many things led me to conclude how good this game is, many scenarios like SS, background music conect sounds great when played like a good combination. Some characters are broken too (like every fighting game, it's already irrelevant) and a nice custom colors of characters vestiment.
I don't know too much about this game, Kaede seems to be the game protagonist, that's why I choose him. At start they didn't show massive combo present, but while losing health he can do strong heavy combos. Like Billy from Double Dragon he has a transformation, allowing more speed combos. Hope it met expectations.

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