[TAS] AD&D: Treasure of Tarmin "Easiest" in 0:19.31


[TAS] AD&D: Treasure of Tarmin "Easiest" in 0:19.31

TAS notes: http://tasvideos.org/5830S.html

TAS time: 0:19.31 (power on to last input)
RTA time: 0:18.93 (pressing start at title screen to Tarmin Treasure collection)

Since a TAS for "Hard" difficulty is pretty involved and would take waaaay too long, here's my TAS for the game on "Easiest". The instructions manual says that a playthrough of this difficulty should take around 5-30 minutes, so we certainly achieved that goal 🙂

This run was possible mainly through some insane RNG manipulation. There's really not too much else to take note of. More info can be found in my submission notes to TASVideos.org.



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