Pokemon Yellow ENG Glitchless TAS in 1:37:24 (TAS World Record)


Pokemon Yellow ENG Glitchless TAS in 1:37:24 (TAS World Record)

This is a tool assisted speedrun of the Any% Glitchless category of Pokemon Yellow ENG finishing in 1:37:24. It uses a preview version of Bizhawk 2.2.2 which should mean that the inputs cause the same outcomes as if we were playing on an original Game Boy Advance or Game Boy Player for the Gamecube. This is the first ever console-verifiable TAS of a pokemon Glitchless category and the first ever TAS of Pokemon Yellow's English version.

The definition of "glitch" used follows the Pokemon Speedrunning community's definition for Gen 1, meaning that Poke Doll in Lavender Tower is used in this run.

I will add a link soon to a writeup of all of the speed strategies employed in this run which were useful in creating this TAS.



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