Fallout Equestria: TAS OST (Anniversary Re-Release) - The Balefire Symphony


Fallout Equestria: TAS OST (Anniversary Re-Release) - The Balefire Symphony

Two years ago, I was able to finally release the collected works from all the musicians who had contributed to Stable-Tec Studios throughout the years.

The soundtrack included some of their pre-Stable-Tec works meant to show how each musician would have been used to give a unique musical accompaniment for all the different pieces of the story.

As I've said in the past, the release of the "Animated Series" soundtrack was the mental bookend for me. While I was still in the Studio, my attention had shifted solely to our audio productions.

Confessions of a Wasteland Pony Episode 4: The Engineer had some production troubles I was untangling. Terminal Secrets had taken off. And the newest Balefire Symphony member, James Kelly, was working hard on a special EP to go with Confessions 4.

While Stable-Tec was open for another 14 months after the soundtrack release, production on the animated series had basically ceased.

Occasional actions on the part of those like James Vermont (releasing the animatic) were last ditch efforts to turn over the engine to get the studio to run again, to no avail.

The studio was technically open 5 more months after EAST Corp formed, and at the bottom of my heart I still had hope the animated series might happen... at least just episode 1. That maybe our leaving would be the spark they needed to get back to work.

But after the first anniversary was eclipsed, Stable-Tec gave its last April Fools joke.

As sad and bitter as it was to see that day come, I was glad the compositions of the fine musicians who had worked with us were having their works appreciated.

And at some point since that day, I planned to have this ceremonial re-release of the soundtrack here. It properly removes that one submitted track, which was the only stain on the otherwise great original release.

It's also a reminder that the works of all these musicians will live on at EAST Corp along with the new music The Balefire Symphony has been creating. "Old Deadhoof (Appleloosa)" for instance has been getting quite a bit of play in the Wasteland Survival Guide...

So while Stable-Tec is gone, their works are living on at EAST Corp, as we still have a lot of stuff to create before we're done here...

DOWNLOAD (free MP3): http://www.mediafire.com/file/8pw1ct0...

DOWNLOAD (Bandcamp): https://thebalefiresymphony.bandcamp....


0:00:00 - When The Bombs Fell (TenSeconds10)
0:04:25 - Fallout Equestria Main Theme (Butterscotch ft. SkyBolt)
0:06:05 - Anathema (Light Veins)
0:08:02 - 200 Years Underground (TenSeconds10)
0:11:01 - Stable 2 (TenSeconds10)
0:13:41 - Aphroditty (SkyBolt)
0:14:08 - Velvet's Disappearance (Butterscotch)
0:16:24 - The Lightbringer (BlacqJack)
0:18:55 - Escape from Stable 2 (AlfKed)
0:19:56 - LittlePip Alone (BlacqJack)
0:21:17 - Out of the Stable (BlacqJack)
0:21:59 - The Equestrian Wasteland (Cyangust)
0:23:35 - Velvet's Letter (RoMS)
0:24:42 - The Campfire (Butterscotch)
0:25:39 - Equestrian March (Emil)
0:26:04 - Poker Ditty (SkyBolt)
0:27:13 - S.A.T.S. (Cyangust)
0:28:22 - Blood and Bones (TenSeconds10)
0:30:02 - Broken Carousel (Emil)
0:31:36 - Not a Dream (AlfKed)
0:32:43 - Golden Oaks (Zen Entertainment)
0:33:29 - Raiders, Monsters (Choons)
0:34:46 - The Library (Choons)
0:36:55 - Under the Cloud Barrier (Zen Entertainment)
0:38:15 - A Quiet Wasteland Night (Psp7master)
0:39:54 - Desert Night (Psp7master)
0:42:09 - Old Deadhoof (Psp7master)
0:43:49 - Off the Rails (BlacqJack)
0:44:36 - The Highway (Light Veins)
0:45:19 - The Alicorn Hunter (Light Veins)
0:49:21 - The Goddess (Light Veins)
0:52:25 - Splendid Valley (Light Veins)
0:55:58 - Hellhounds (Dyrilby)
0:57:50 - Talons (Pegasynth)
1:01:30 - Meeting Gawd (Pegasynth)
1:04:26 - Children of Gawd (Pegasynth)
1:08:39 - Tenpony Tap (Psp7master)
1:10:15 - Swingin' to the Oldies (Samji)
1:12:26 - Cider Trot (Dyrilby)
1:14:47 - Apple Swing (Light Veins)
1:18:20 - Amoria's Groove (Light Veins)
1:21:58 - News Hour (Choons)
1:22:13 - Exploring Ruins (BlacqJack)
1:23:37 - Cybernetics Lab (Dyrilby)
1:24:13 - Haze of War (Psp7master)
1:28:14 - Red Eye's Factories (AlfKed)
1:31:46 - Xenith (AlfKed)
1:33:19 - The Ministries (TenSeconds10)
1:37:07 - The Memory Orb (TenSeconds10)
1:41:26 - The Great War (TenSeconds10)
1:45:10 - Thundercloud (TenSeconds10)
1:46:11 - Perseverance (BlacqJack ft. AlfKed)
1:49:46 - Sacrifice (BlacqJack)
1:53:04 - After the Balefire (BlacqJack)
1:55:11 - Gardens of Equestria (AlfKed ft. BlacqJack)
1:58:35 - Let Go (Aques Levaro)



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