[TAS WIPs Comparison] Mega Man Zero 2 100% - v2 (Rolanmen1 & McBobX) vs v1 (Rolanmen1)


[TAS WIPs Comparison] Mega Man Zero 2 100% - v2 (Rolanmen1 & McBobX) vs v1 (Rolanmen1)

This is a TAS WIPs Comparison made between the new TAS WIP and the previous one that was never published. This comparison started as a way to see how much we have improved over my old WIP, it is very old and many improvements have been made. Take into consideration that the old TAS was made in VisualBoyAdvance and the new one in BizHawk which implements different emulation cores, this results in very small differences in lag frames differences and cutscenes in particular.

For more technical details, follow this link: http://tasvideos.org/forum/viewtopic....

The format is the following:
On each screen, on the top you will see the timer both in time and frames (it resets in every stage). Below the TAS authors. In the middle you get the difference per section and in total (left vs right). In each section (determined by me) whoever gets first will pause until the other one catchs up so most of the time they are in sync for a better viewing, at this point is when the difference in time are calculated. Audio is also split up, on your left speaker/headphone you will hear the left screen and vice-versa.

These are the TASes being compared:
v2: http://tasvideos.org/forum/viewtopic....
v1: http://tasvideos.org/forum/viewtopic....



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