TAS Hot Air Skyway with Tiny (techniques for the lap)


TAS Hot Air Skyway with Tiny (techniques for the lap)

Sorry for the horrible quality. First you have to start the second lap with yellow fire and saffi fire (if you want to be able to have a third lap attempt). You could try to start it with sacred fire but the hairpin is immensely difficult with sf, in fact I've been close but I've never succeeded, I think it's impossible for a human.

Then you can try the BTF shortcut with yellow fire, but it's almost impossible, I've tried many times on console and emulator without success. If you don't, you must cut the spiral as best as possible (2*3 short turbos seems relatively fast), then you'll arrive at the stp over 2 seconds late compared to Penta. For the USF part, that one turn before the last straight section is insanely hard, you probably have only a 3-4% chance of success, it's as hard as the hairpin turn with penta and usf. if you succeed, you can do a 36.xx lap, but you can also start the next lap with sacred! It's not really a big advantage though, as it means you cut the spiral even worse, so you'll also arrive at the STP in the low 17.xx best case scenario. Still a great lap with sacred start can get you 35.44 as in this video. If BTF sc was possible, then 33.xx is possible, and even 32.xx with some edge SGs at the beginning, but that's for TAS only. So maybe GOD lap with Dingo is possible with TAS. Emmanuel?



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