[TAS] Super Mega Difficult Kaizo in 3:57.533 by Rainbow Man


[TAS] Super Mega Difficult Kaizo in 3:57.533 by Rainbow Man

Download: http://bin.smwcentral.net/u/23507/Sup...
Hack by: MasterKastylinos222 a.k.a. MintGreenYoshi/Rainbow Man (me)
Frames: 14252
Re-records: 13607 (Holy God!)

This is no longer the fastest completion of Super Mega Difficult Kaizo, it's beaten by A Random TASer. You can see his run here:

Super Mega Difficult Kaizo a hack made by me in 2013. I didn't use to be the best at making challenges, designing and naming my hacks, therefore most of challenges are cheap, there are lots of cutoffs and I think the difficulty is closer to a pit than a kaizo. There are lots of breaks, too. To me, the best is with using a shell instead of a Goomba in the castle. I won't provide any update to this hack because I hate it.



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