[TAS] Devil Dice (USA) - PSX - Puzzles 1 to 100 - 10m45s


[TAS] Devil Dice (USA) - PSX - Puzzles 1 to 100 - 10m45s

This is a tool assisted speedrun of the usa version of Devil Dice.

It aims to get the quickest paths of resolution of the puzzles (not the random ones). Some "star way" are not used because they are much more longer than the "normal way".

At the beginning, the speed configuration is set at two stars just to move faster.

Enjoy !

/* --- Game infos --- */

This tas was done with BizHawk 2.2

X position address : 17E470
Y position address : 17E478

Number of frames to wait before first [moving] input on the beginning of a puzzle : 59
Number of frames before a dice can move (when on the top at the beginning) : 120
Average of switching lag / non lag frames : ~ 15 lag frames ;
~ 235 frames ok (beginning at frame 1997)

Frame Editor (https://github.com/fullmoonissue/fram...) was used to convert the sequences of inputs (https://github.com/fullmoonissue/devi...).

Shout-out to Odino for his faq (https://www.gamefaqs.com/ps/197108-de...). It shows me some star way I used.



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