AGDQ 2015: TAS Block


AGDQ 2015: TAS Block

Mario Kart 64 Starts: 3:13
Super Mario World Starts: 23:13
Pokemon Red Starts: 36:40

Big thanks to all of the runners that show up to AGDQ every year.
Be sure to check them out on their own channels and streams!

This channel will be dedicated to uploading every run done in AGDQ 2011 onwards. If I've missed a run you would like to see uploaded, feel free to message me or leave a comment!



【TAS/コメ付】モンスターハンター3トライ Part1 続き↓↓↓ Part2: Part1: Part3: Part5: Part1: Part4: Part1: Part3: Part1: Pa ...


コメ付き TAS モンスターハンター3トライ Part8 コメ付き TAS モンスターハンター3トライ Part8石ころに当たって涙目敗走のクソ雑魚村4ラギアクルス撃退~村5緊急までここまでの追記数は ...


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