[Semi-TAS] Metal Sonic Rebooted Full Speedrun [PAL]


[Semi-TAS] Metal Sonic Rebooted Full Speedrun [PAL]

Decided to do a full game speedrun of a Sonic 2 hack called Metal Sonic Rebooted by Lone Devil. This received the 1st place trophy in the Sonic Hacking Contest 2017. Contains a lot of changes and new features (i.e. level layout, music, special stages, abilities, and more).
In this video, I collected all the emeralds first, and then used super form throughout all levels. It took forever to get the satisfied runs I wanted, and felt like I lost so many hours of practice when I could have done something else.
This was inspired from Shiro’s run: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lOUlX...

1. This is Version Rev 1.12 I used.
2. Since I lost a part of my recording for Dark Jungle Act 1, I had to re-run that act by doing Twinkle Slider Act 2, finish with 50 rings, and continue from there.

Special Stage 1 (00:23)
Special Stage 2 (01:58)
Special Stage 3 (03:40)
Special Stage 4 (05:23)
Special Stage 5 (06:52)
Special Stage 6 (08:40)
Special Stage 7 (10:36)
Lethal Harbor Act 1 (13:13)
Lethal Harbor Act 2 (14:10)
Magma Factory Act 1 (15:36)
Magma Factory Act 2 (16:34)
Forbidden Ruins Act 1 (17:46)
Forbidden Ruins Act 2 (18:57)
Neo Utopia Act 1 (20:10)
Neo Utopia Act 2 (21:09)
Cryptic Desert Act 1 (22:20)
Cryptic Desert Act 2 (23:19)
Twinkle Slider Act 1 (24:24)
Twinkle Slider Act 2 (25:28)
Dark Jungle Act 1 (26:40)
Dark Jungle Act 2 (27:42)
Iron Abyss Act 1 (28:48)
Iron Abyss Act 2 (29:51)
Iron Abyss Act 3 (30:52)
Orbital Colony Act 1 (32:14)
The Final Act (33:33)

Lone Devil’s main page: https://lonedevilmods.wordpress.com
Play Metal Sonic Rebooted online: http://www.ssega.com/metal-sonic-rebo...



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