[TAS] Backwards F-Zero X Custom Track: Port Town - Cylinders


[TAS] Backwards F-Zero X Custom Track: Port Town - Cylinders

The strat in this one escalates as each lap is completed. By the time lap 3 comes around, I'm doing things like dealing with a right hairpin corner by turning left (in mid-air) because F-Zero logic. No, really: That actually happens (0:44). Pay extra attention to the blue dot on the mini-map.

Played at 15% speed / frame by frame with a controller and savestates were used.

Re-records: 5,270 (Re-record count is a bit high because I re-did large portions of this TAS a couple of times)

Track design by Relm from F-Zero X New Lap. This is also the first and last track from Relm to be TASed this way. A few other track creators will also only have one track representing them.



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