***Obsolete*** Donkey Kong Country 2 Theory TAS Speedrun v1 - 39:19


***Obsolete*** Donkey Kong Country 2 Theory TAS Speedrun v1 - 39:19

There is now a far superior version 2 of this theory tas, which can be found here:

This theory TAS represents the theoretical best possible speedrun time a human being could get using RTA strats. It is essentially a spliced together run of the best known raw videos of each individual level in the game. Each level was performed by a top speedrunner of the game after grinding many attempts to get the best speed and least mistakes on that level. Those videos were then arranged to appear like a single continuous run, even though it is segmented.

The black frames on level fade-in and fade-out were used to frame perfectly paste together the overworld and level videos, so that no time is gained/lost during the transitions to and from the overworld. As a side effect of this, you may notice very minor audio issues after certain levels.

The final time of the speedrun is 39:19, 30 seconds faster than the world record as of Aug 10th 2017. The timer begins when selecting 'One Player' on the new game menu, and ends on collecting the kremcoin after defeating K. Rool. The intro and outro of the game do not count towards the timer, but they were included to give the full game experience.

The following runners contributed level videos:
V0oid (world record holder as of Aug 10th 2017) - http://twitch.tv/v0oid
Cryptonberry - http://twitch.tv/cryptonberry
Kanis - http://twitch.tv/kanisrollsdeep

The run is not 100% perfect, and I can see ~4 sconds coming off of it still. There are subtle movement errors, and even a minor strat or two was ommitted due to inconsistency. We also did not grind perfect luck on bosses like Kleever, whose 6 cannonball spawns vary in position. That would take way too long to grind and wouldn't make that big of a difference in the final product. Overall, I consider this a very good run with almost all levels being as close to perfect as possible.

Timestamps, along with who recorded the video:

World 1
0:28 Pirate Panic - Kanis
0:51 Mainbrace Mayhem - Kanis
1:06 Gankplank Galley - Kanis
1:25 Lockjaw's Locker - Kanis
1:46 Topsail Trouble - Kanis
1:59 Krow - Kanis

World 2
2:40 Hot-Head Hop - Kanis
2:56 Kannon's Klaim - Kanis
3:18 Lava Lagoon - Kanis
3:44 Red-Hot Ride - Kanis
4:10 Squawk's Shaft - Kanis
4:29 Kleever - Kanis

World 3
5:40 Barrel Bayou - Kanis
6:43 Glimmer's Galleon - V0oid
8:05 Krockhead Klamber - Kanis
8:37 Rattle Battle - Cryptonberry
9:52 Slime Climb - Kanis
10:21 Bramble Blast - Cryptonberry
11:22 Kudgel - Kanis

World 4
13:05 Hornet Hole - Kanis
14:12 Target Terrory - Kanis
16:00 Bramblme Scramble - Kanis
16:24 Rickety Race - Kanis
17:48 Mudhole Marsh - V0oid
18:44 Rambi Rumble - Kanis
19:51 King Zing - Kanis

World 5
20:52 Ghostly Grove - Cryptonberry
21:50 Haunted Hall - Cryptonberry
23:43 Gusty Glade - Kanis
24:43 Parrot Chute Panic - Cryptonberry
25:33 Web Woods - Kanis
25:57 Krow 2 - Kanis

World 6
28:00 Arctic Abyss - Kanis
29:00 Windy Well - Kanis
30:34 Castle Crush - Kanis
32:05 Clapper's Cavern - Kanis
33:04 Chain Link Chamber - Cryptonberry
33:31 Toxic Tower - V0oid

World 7
35:15 Screech's Sprint - Kanis
36:24 K Rool - Kanis



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