Some Guy TAS-es New SMB SNES Demo


Some Guy TAS-es New SMB SNES Demo

Levels TAS-ed:
-Strudel Plains 1, Generic Grass Level
-Strudel Plains 2, Cavern of Blocks
-Strudel Plains 3, The Bright Forest (secret exit)
-Plains Secret Area, Coral Lake
-Strudel Castle, Iggy's Steelforged Stronghold
-Spicy Sands 1, Blazing Desert
-Spicy Sands 2, Sunbaked Ruins (normal exit)
-Spicy Sands 3, Crystalline Tunnel (normal exit)
-Spicy Sands 4, Tricky Temple (normal exit)
-Spicy Sands 5, Midnight Canyon
-Spicy Pyramid, Roy's Gear-amid
-Thanks for playing!

I had been thinking about TAS-ing this for a while, and then finally decided to do so today. In this TAS, the goal was just to make it to the level marking the end of the demo as fast as I could. It's not a 100% playthrough, so I don't go through all of the levels, and just go through the ones that I think get me to the end the fastest. (I wonder if it would've been faster to go for the secret exit in Spicy Sands 2, though...)

Along the way, I performed whatever stunts I could without sacrificing speed (but unfortunately, there was no moon that could be gotten without losing time). Oh, and there's a surprise twist when I make to the end...

Oh, and I distorted a few parts of the audio, just to avoid any content ID issues, hopefully.

BTW, since no one seems to have figured out my subtitle naming gimmick for this series yet, here's a hint: Go back and look carefully at the 7th and 8th annotations in each episode.
UPDATE: Sam Shea got it!

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(Comments containing other types of inappropriate content and excessively spammy pointless comments may meet this fate as well.)

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