[TAS] Backwards F-Zero X EK: Mute City 4 - Slim Half-pipe ~ 0'50"882


[TAS] Backwards F-Zero X EK: Mute City 4 - Slim Half-pipe ~ 0'50"882

Well, I did say that if it was possible to make a backwards TAS of MC4, I'd do it. I knew that the final TAS would be fairly fast, but I didn't expect it to be *this* fast O_o

For reference, here's JKT's TAS: https://youtu.be/mzXGnqBzQJY

The AGG bit on lap 3 saves about 1.8 seconds, which means that even without any AGG, this TAS would still be faster than JKT's TAS by 0.2-0.3 seconds.

So...yeah, MC4 is the first official course where the fastest TAS is a (mostly) backwards-facing TAS. You might want to get used to that idea because it sure as shit ain't gonna be the last 😉
(well, technically the first track is [REDACTED] from Sonic Phantom's TAS run because routing and test runs and all that and oh dear I've ruined everything goddamnitIhadonejob)

Played at 15% speed / frame by frame with a controller and savestates were used.

Re-recprds: 4,262



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