[TAS] [Obsoleted] GB Pokémon: Red Version by MrWint in 22:02.94


[TAS] [Obsoleted] GB Pokémon: Red Version by MrWint in 22:02.94

This is a tool-assisted speedrun. For more information, see http://tasvideos.org/2680M.html

This movie has been obsoleted by http://tasvideos.org/3655M.html. TAS originally published on 2014-09-06.

Pokémon: Red Version is part of the first generation of games within its famous series, known for having a very large number of beneficial glitches. In fact, the game can be completed in less than one minute of in-game time using save data corruption (as evidenced by this run (http://tasvideos.org/2687M.html)), but this run avoids such techniques in favor of activating an entirely different glitch.

This run obsoletes the author's previous run (http://tasvideos.org/2457M.html) as well as Primorial#soup's longstanding run (http://tasvideos.org/950M.html) through a new route that must be seen to be believed. Suffice to say, no heavy glitches are used and yet the game is still completed in around 22 minutes.

To see even more of Pokémon: Red Version, check out the run (http://tasvideos.org/2653M.html) that catches all 151 Pokémon.



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