[TAS] Project M: World Wrap Arrow Machine Gun


[TAS] Project M: World Wrap Arrow Machine Gun

This is something I discovered a long time ago when messing around with the World Wrap cheat code, which loops the left and right sides of the blastzone similarly to how games like Mario Bros. work.

This also works with projectiles. Under normal circumstances, projectiles eventually go away after being spawned, but Pit's Arrow is different. It has no time limit, and can travel forever if nothing blocks its path. So, with World Wrap, I can do just that, as the arrow continuously wraps around to the other side of the screen.

Unfortunately, one single Pit can only have a maximum of 4 arrows out at the same time before one is forced to despawn as another one takes its place. So, with the three Pits that I use for this, 12 arrows can be on the screen at the same time.

Interestingly, after about 6 arrows or so, many global graphical effects disappear (Like dust or flashes) to save memory. While it doesn't lag in the video (Due to being recorded in an emulator), I encountered a hefty amount of lag (In the form of frameskipping) on an actual Wii.

Let me know if you want to see other experiments regarding World Wrap or other cheat codes, and I'll consider doing it in the future.
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