Hyper VI - At the End of Eternity, there is Darkness - TAS


Hyper VI - At the End of Eternity, there is Darkness - TAS

I decided to TAS the very last level of this hack.

-On the title screen, your number of exits becomes "HMW" when you've cleared everything. So, I decided to show that.
-I released my reserve mushroom at 1:00 because I thought the pencil spike next to the Yoshi coin on the right would've trapped me while I was big, forcing me to take a hit to get out of there, but then it turned out that I was able to just barely collect the Yoshi coin without getting stuck.
-I could've jumped to avoid being stunned by the Thwomp at about 2:00, but I wanted to show that you could slide-kill its shockwaves, even if you're stunned, as long as you were sliding when you got stunned.
-I took an intentional hit at 2:12 because I would've needed to be small to enter the door at the end of the section, at 2:34.
-In the HAA Electrode room, I leave the message on the screen for several seconds, and then grab all of the coins in the coin arrow.
-And finally, during the auto-scrolling ending, I simply hold my turbo-A key the whole way, until I get to the final room where the level actually ends.

Links to raocow's episodes where he played this level:
"Hyper VI - 72 - At the End of Eternity, there is Darkness ∞, part 1":
"Hyper VI - 73 - FINALE - At the End of Eternity, there is Darkness ∞, part 2":

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