[TAS] SSBM (Melee) Fox 1P Mode All-Star [Very Hard, No Damage Clear]


[TAS] SSBM (Melee) Fox 1P Mode All-Star [Very Hard, No Damage Clear]

Thank you guys for waiting patiently this is my newest tas video release !
Here is some information contained in the dtm file.
Recording start time : Fri, 23 Feb 2018 01:24:42 GMT (UNIX time : 1519349082) [took about 24 days to finish]
VI count : 21992
Rerecord count : 13585
Game ID : GALE01 (NTSC v1.01)
(Made with Dolphin 5.0)
I may upload the dtm file somewhere later.

NOTE : This new Fox All-Star TAS video is a remake of my previous unfinished work linked below.

DISCLAIMER : This tool-assisted stuff is aimed primarily at clearing the game in a creative and impressive way, not completing as quickly as possible. To avoid confusion, TAS means Tool-Assisted-Superplay (not Speedrun) in this case.



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