Iori 😱 VS Rugal 💩💀DESTRUCTION💀 KoF98Combo HACK Superplay [TAS]


Iori 😱 VS Rugal 💩💀DESTRUCTION💀 KoF98Combo HACK Superplay [TAS]

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Information about this TAS Superplay:
Plataform: Arcade (ARC)
Game Name: The King of Fighters 98´ Combo Hacked by Ivex (KoF98Combo)
Character used: Iori (change orochi Iori whit start button) VS Omega Rugal Boss
Dificult: Expert Level 8 in console mode AES (the best quality mode for the hacked rom is in the AES bios Asia or Japan, in MVS bios default the rom have so many errors no recomemded it)
Frames: 20263
Undo Count: 3467
Author Player: Fighterchar



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