[TAS] Project M: All Captain Falcon Target Smash Levels - 3x A Presses/Jumps/Up Inputs


[TAS] Project M: All Captain Falcon Target Smash Levels - 3x A Presses/Jumps/Up Inputs

This is much harder to do in comparison to Mario, given the limited height Captain Falcon can get from Falcon Kicking a wall.

Level 1 was simple enough, though I was forced to backtrack to get the highest target.

Level 2 required the strategic use of items, and a "loophole" to use the Cracker Launcher. The Cracker Launcher can be used with the C-Stick, which isn't pressing A according to the game, so I was able to finish Level 2 with ease.

Level 3 was also simple, though it required some time to build up damage with spikes to reach a particular point.

Level 4 contains 2x "Up Inputs", in the form of Up-Bing one target (By holding up on the control stick), and then using a Double Jump (By pressing Y) to reach another one. Whether I can reduce it to "1.5x Up Inputs" or not is up for debate, though.

Level 5 contains more usage of the Cracker Launcher, and building up damage to launch myself with the spikes. Because the spikes' launch trajectory is too vertical to launch me to the upper target, I thought the only way to reach it was to use an Up Input, but I didn't think about using the Cracker Launcher to damage myself (And launch me at a better trajectory) while TASing the level.

And yes, while I did use an up aerial to hit the remaining two targets, it was with the C-Stick, which was previously mentioned to not count as an A Press.

So, with all of that in mind, the video is improvable, and the levels can be done in a total of 2x Up Inputs.
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