[HD] SM64 "0 Stars" TAS - World Record vs. Original - Section by Section Comparison (2012/2007)


[HD] SM64 "0 Stars" TAS - World Record vs. Original - Section by Section Comparison (2012/2007)

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Here's a little "throwback" video to show everyone just how high SM64 optimization standards have become throughout the years. I figured the current WR would be the run to compare with since a new one isn't being made as there's no more known improvements..right? 😉

The video on the left is the current "0 Stars" TAS world record (2012) done in 5:02:25 by Snark, Kyman, sonicpacker, Mickey/VIS, and ToT:
The video on the right is the first iteration of the "0 Stars" category (2007) done in 5:47:37 by AKA and SwordlessLink:

I included 2 timing methods, one being real time and the other being a frame counter. If you didn't notice, the final time of improvement subtracted from the time of the 5:47:37 should make the WR run 5:02:15. This is because for some reason the faster a stage is completed, the more lag there is from that section to the next ("frame rules" I suppose). When added to the time of 5:02:15, those 5 VI/s (half frames) of lag equal 5:02:23...but wait. There's one more trick used to shorten the times of SM64 runs where the player(s) hex-edit out a single VI from the final frame of input (which is used on the WR). Finally, when you add that onto 5:02:23, you end up with a final time of 5:02:25. =)

Speaking of the final frame, TASVideos timing is from "power on" to the very last frame of input and no further. For these runs, that means the final B press to dive in the WR and the final A press to jump in the original.

Sections of gameplay:
Outside Castle (0:55 - 1:04)
Entering BitDW (1:05 - 1:17)
BitDW (1:18 - 1:38)
B1 Fight (1:39 - 2:07)
To 1st Keydoor (2:08 - 2:26)
DDD Skip (2:27 - 2:34)
BitFS (2:35 - 3:09)
B2 Fight (3:10 - 3:45)
DDD (3:46 - 4:01)
To 2nd Keydoor (4:02 - 4:10)
Spiral + Endless Stairs (4:11 - 4:30)
BitS (4:31 - 5:09)
B3 Fight (5:10 - 5:47)

Feel free to ask any questions you may have!

The 120 Stars TAS is currently at THI 100 coins. Lots of progress!

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